By freeing ourselves from the constraints of physicality, we vividly bend and lurch into new structures. I continually experiment with methods of bodily detachment. The images themselves become proof of this vulnerable act, between skin and viscera, exhibitionist and voyeur, public and private. I am interested in relationships of contradiction and the beautiful monotony of inhabiting our bodies while simultaneously trying to escape them.

When I was a child, I would explore the woods behind my house. I ventured alone, following a small creek. One winter day, I deviated from my usual path. As I walked, I heard a man shout. A pack of barking dogs ran toward me. I immediately dropped to the snowy ground and pretended to be dead. I held my breath. The dogs surrounded me, sniffed and snorted. I had never felt that kind of fear before, the fear of being eaten alive.



Solo Exhibition
2017 – ACID MASS, Not For Them Gallery, Long Island City, Queens


Museum Exhibition
2017-2018 – NSFW: Female Gaze
Curated by Marina Garcia-Vasquez, Editor-in-Chief, Creators at VICE Media and Lissa Rivera, Associate Curator, Museum of Sex, NYC


Art Fairs
2018 – Scope Art Show, Solo Booth, Curated by Lori Zimmer and Melissa McCaig-Welles, NYC
2017 – Governors Island Art Fair, NYC


Public Art Exhibition
2016 – Save Art Space, Public Art Billboard Exhibition, Hell's Kitchen, NYC

2018 – sourMILK, Curated by Ben Quesnel and Christine Stiver, vacant house in Greenwich, CT
2018 – Art in Odd Places Festival: BODY, Westbeth Gallery & Public Exhibition, Curated by Katya Grokhovsky, West Village & Meatpacking, NYC


Group Exhibitions
2019 – Femme, Juxtapoz Projects, Curated by Dasha Matsuura, Jersey City, NJ
2019 – Verve, Kim Foster Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
2019 – Goldmine, Lucas Lucas, Curated by Stacie Lucas, Brooklyn
2018 – Transfiguration, Undercurrent Projects, Curated by Fatima Bocoum, NYC
2018 – On Adornment, Pen + Brush, Curated by Jenn Hampton, Chelsea, NYC
2018 – SHEDDING SKINS, Curated by Quinn Ceren Turan, Online Exhibition
2018 – In Bloom, The Quin, Curated by Lori Zimmer, Midtown, NYC
2018 – The Garden of Earthly Delights, Deanna Evans Projects, Curated by Karen Gilbert, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
2018 – The Human Puppet, Curated by David Henry Nobody, Jr., International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (DE), Spring Performance Festival, Amsterdam (NL), Dortmunder U (DE), East China Normal University (CN), MU, Eindhoven (NL), Museum Hilversum (NL), Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam (NL), De School, Amsterdam (NL)
2018 – Then She Did, The Plaxall Gallery, Curated by Lori Zimmer and Melissa McCaig-Welles, Long Island City, Queens
2018 – F.P.O.V., Mott NYC, Curated by Carlos E. Kempff Seleme, Lower East Side, NYC
2018 – 18+, Recspec Gallery, Austin, TX
2017 – FCKVRYTHNG, Curated by Lori Zimmer, Online Exhibition
2017 – The Expanding Matrix, Amelie A. Wallace Gallery SUNY, Old Westbury, NY
2017 – Quantum Overdrive!, Hudson County Community College, Jersey City, NJ
2017 – Hotter Than July: Hands Off My Cuntry, Undercurrent Projects, East Village, NYC
2017 – Winter Group Show, Not For Them Gallery, Long Island City, Queens
2016 – The Persistent Nature of Urgency, Mayson Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
2016 – Natural Selection, Mayson Gallery, Lower East Side, NYC
2015 – Nature Made, Gallery Petite, Bushwick, Brooklyn
2015 – Out Lines, Gallery Petite, Bushwick, Brooklyn
2015 – The Collect Effect, Gallery Petite, Bushwick, Brooklyn
2015 – Color Value, Kim Foster Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
2015 – Seeking Space, Arts in Bushwick, Brooklyn
2014 – Sequential Abstraction, Kim Foster Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
2014 – L’Avventura, Kim Foster Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
2014 – Understanding Media: The Extensions of Human Being, Bushwick, Brooklyn
2014 – Hotter Than July, Lower East Side, NYC
2014 – Being and Time, Gowanus Loft, Brooklyn
2013 – Art From the Heart, Gowanus Loft, Brooklyn


Public Collection
2018 – Davis Museum at Wellesley College, Wellesley MA


2017 – Ello 2017 Creative Excellence Awards Grant Recipient


2017 – Guest Curator for Save Art Space, Your Community Public Art Exhibition
2017 – Guest Curator for Not For Print Magazine, Issue 02: Resist
2016 – Phreeek Magnet, Co-Curated with Savannah Spirit, Undercurrent Projects, East Village, NYC


Artist Talks and Panel Discussions
2018 – The Censorship of Art on Social Media: A Panel Discussion, Moderated by Brian Boucher, FIT, NYC
2018 – Then She Did, Moderated by Sarah Potter, The Plaxall Gallery, Long Island City, Queens
2018 – NSFW: Female Gaze Long Table Event, Museum of Sex, NYC
2017 – Sexual Self: Censorship and Social Media, Moderated by Alexandra Marzella, VICE, Brooklyn


Press Publications
2019 – Mulieris Magazine 00
2019 – ODDA Magazine, Issue 16
2018 – Blink Magazine, Issue 52
2018 – Les Inrocks, Summer SEX Issue
2018 – Le Petit Voyeur 6
2017 – Libertine Magazin, Issue 6: Digital
2017 – Munich Opera Festival: MAX JOSEPH Magazine, Issue 4
2017 – Mad Gleam Press, POSTporn
2017 – Not For Print Magazine, Issue 01: Censorship
2016 – The Opéra
2016 – Pacific Dissent
2016 – Pornceptual Magazine
2016 – Math Magazine
2013 – Gypsé Eyes


Press Digital Media